Organizational Development & Culture Change

Results in an organization are directly related to the conversations people are having, not having or not having well. Conversations have the potential to produce commitments, which in turn shape actions and results. They are either informed by what people care about or they are not. They either produce satisfying results or they don’t. When […]

Leadership & Management Solutions

We follow a systematic approach to enhancing the three domains of performance: intrapersonal (individual), interpersonal (relationships) and impersonal (tasks and results). How are the three connected and where do we put our emphasis? All three domains are important and require attention. To produce desired results, we need effective teams, which need to consist of effective […]

Collaborative Team Development

Teamwork: Ongoing Regard for Others and the Greater Good Most people believe that when every element of a system performs at its best, the system performs at its best. This is not necessarily so. The key is to harmonize the parts and their work together for the greater good. Imagine your body. Let’s say a […]

Executive Coaching

Coaching skills are a leadership core competency and are fundamental to building trust and commitment on teams. Based on the fact that most of us were raised to learn things and then demonstrate what we know rather than be curious about what we don’t know and listen to other peoples’ perspectives, the coaching conversation is […]