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On-Target Project Management

Breakdowns in Project Management are common and costly.

Most project managers develop strong project plans and begin with the best of intentions, yet fail to deliver timely and satisfactory results.  Read more…

Leaders Developing Leaders

An organization’s growth and survival depends on leaders’ ability to create a high performance culture by effectively developing other leaders.   There are several reasons why leaders find it hard to develop other leaders. Read more…


Collaborative Team Development

Most people believe that when every element of a system performs at its best, the system performs at its best.  This is not necessarily so… read more…

Assessments and Gap Analysis

Most performers have blindspots.  In other words, if they could see their shortcomings, limitations and hidden opportunities, they would already be navigating those more effectively.  To read more…

Cutting Edge Selling System

We teach and coach your sales managers and entire sales teams a proven sales system to make more sales with more ease.  Click here to learn more…

Accountability System

Accountability is an outcome many companies leave to chance.  We offer a systematic approach to creating a culture of accountability based on our proven commitment management system.   Yes, you can…


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Integrity is Part of Your Personal Brand

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You’re in the integrity business – regardless of the industry you think you’re in! Your success is determined by your reputation for making and keeping promises. Despite its importance, integrity is likely a blind-spot for you.  Not because you’re a bad person, but because you haven’t been trained for it. Most people admit they could

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What Our Client Say

Birgit is great to work with. She landed commitment management with our team. We learned about creating agreements ,hold people accountable, make powerful requests in supporting us to work together in achieving our benchmarks and effective communication as a team

John Koumpourlis

( Managing Partner - Food Exchange, Catering and Events )

My organization hired Birgit to help me enhance my leadership skills and if it wasn’t for her coaching, I would have given up. Instead I led a team who took our program from a 500K budget to a multi-million dollar venture that is now duplicated nationally.

Carolena Van Trapp

( Leader, Non-profit (former role) )

Birgit and her company, Heads-Up Performance, Inc, represents the the one of the top five best decisions I made as the President of a company. Her coaching resulted in reduced friction with senior staff, which made us much more productive and conservatively speaking made us at least $400K fall to the bottom-line.

Art Milligan

( Former President, Carroll Management Group )

She provided sales training and coaching, and last week one of her suggestions led to an $80,000 sale I know would not have come in without her insight and advice.

Brandon Thompson

( Director of Sales and Account Management, Anvil )

Through months of coaching Birgit helped me create processes to maneuver through obstacles, opened my eyes on how to be a compelling leader, showed me how to have dialogue through difficult conversations and gave me tools and support through work life/family life hurdles. I couldn't think more highly of her and her talents.

Kate C. Sawa

( APR, Executive Director, Market VP, Tampa Bay, American Heart Association / American Stroke Association )

The principles you taught us were simple, straight forward and very effective. It was great to set a foundation for the change needed to build an effective team. I was glad to see that the guys were engaged and got great value from the training."

Sal Nsheiwat

( Director, Mosaic )

Birgit's specialty is building a culture of accountability that leads to continuous improvement. Our team and our company are measurably better off for having collaborated with Birgit Zacher Hanson and I give her my highest recommendation!"

Gibbs Wilson

( CEO, Alpha-Omega Title )

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