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“Who Will Do What by When?”

Formerly a successful salesman, Jake McKay is now a failing manager. Join him as he races to learn the fundamentals of team and personal effectiveness from his coach before he loses his job … and the woman he loves.  Along the way you’ll arm yourself with the tools you need to cut through the daily tangled web of organizational politics and interpersonal issues that hinder performance.

You’ll learn to:

1. Use the “Integrity Tools” to boost performance, trust and personal power,

2. Hold others accountable without being overbearing, and

3. Evoke sustainable, outstanding performance in teams.

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“I applaud you on your ability to communicate key leadership lessons in a simple, interesting and effective story.    The single biggest take away for me was the reinforcement of the importance of “integrity” in terms of its role in enhancing personal performance, personal power and trust.  Your message is not only relevant at home, in the office or on the playing field but in everyday life.  I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat to teach a team on how to be a team. You certainly have the right stuff in building leadership and improving operational performance.” – Chief of Staff to former NY Governor David Paterson.

How one Credit Union internalized the principles of the book:
” Since introducing this book here, many of the 35 leaders who attend the monthly Organization Dialogs have taken the discussion guides to their department dialogs to further expand the use of these tools in the organization.  I hear people talking about “Who Will Do What By When” in meetings, project discussions, training sessions, and in countless one-on-one conversations.  It has taken hold here, and we now have a common language and understanding around accountability and integrity.  It has been a fascinating transformation.– Kim Kelley, VP of Corporate Culture

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