Challenges and Solutions

Specific Challenges Our Clients Complain About

  • “We are struggling to translate our leadership, focus, and vision into results, with teams working against each other, losing valuable company time and resources.”
  • “Our traditional sales approach no longer works and we can’t seem to motivate our sales people and distributorships to run their businesses more effectively to produce better results.”
  • “We are expanding rapidly and can’t keep up with the change.”
  • “We are losing market share to a competitor whose products are superior.”
  • “We are under new leadership and resistant to change.  Our ways of doing things have brought us our current success. We are afraid the changes won’t be good.”
  • “We outsourced various functions and now can’t get people to talk to each other.”
  • “We used to have a warm, family friendly culture and are loosing it as we grow.”
  • “We can’t figure out how to get people to work together and get things done. “
  • “We have way too many breakdowns, redundancies and waste.
  • Our leaders need leadership development.  They don’t lead. They can’t get out of the weeds.”

The Solutions We Provide Help Our Clients:

  1. Create a culture of trust, accountability, integrity and excellence instead of tolerating mediocrity
  2. Build high performing, collaborative teams instead of working in silos
  3. Enhance performance and navigate change systematically through Composure, Coaching, Commitment management versus “pushing” for or resisting change
  4. Seek, leverage and manage diversity effectively versus thinking “treat others the way you want to be treated”
  5. Create clarity and formulate an organizational vision others will support versus keeping people in the dark and micromanaging tasks
  6. Make better and timely decisions instead of being the bottleneck
  7. Develop managers, supervisors and leaders as coaches, so they become masterful at coordinating action and obtaining meaningful commitments they can manage instead of trying to manage people and their ever-changing circumstances.
  8. Enable sales teams to distinguish themselves from the competition and produce breakthrough results by using a proven sales system instead of blaming results on unfavorable market conditions
  9. Overcome limitations or gaps in self-awareness to enhance inter-personal relationships instead of finding faults in others
  10. Learn to listen and understand others by asking masterful questions and blending with conflict rather than blocking progress
  11. Develop entrepreneurial mindsets and possibility thinking instead of being “boxed in” by their perception.
  12. Compose themselves under pressure and manage emotions (self and others) in the work place instead of knee-jerking when triggered.