Leadership Circus

Date:04 Jan, 2016

Leadership Circus


Join the Leadership Circus And Create a Leadership Legacy You Can be Proud of

Some say Corporate Life is a Circus implying that it feels like chaos and a lot of clowning around.  Many leaders find themselves in the midst of a three-ring circus without any formal leadership training.   They are simply under-prepared for the challenges they are facing.


While asked to deliver more with less they often juggle conflicting priorities. They perform balancing acts and tip toe around the big elephant.

For many leadership is an enigma and they wish they could figure out how to be more strategic, find the time to develop others and create a culture of integrity and excellence.

That’s where the circus comes in.  It’s a microcosm of the real world, but consists of a small circle of trusted participants to help each other raise their leadership performance to new heights.

We specialize in helping Leaders develop three Fundamental Performance Competencies: Composure, Coaching, Commitment Management

We help them learn and practice them until they become embodied.

Then we take it to another level!

We teach and coach them on how to develop their direct reports in the 3Cs and how to have strategic conversations that will result in the cascading of these core competencies.  Participants will walk away with the understanding of how to create a culture of commitment and excellence.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our next circus, please enter your information and I will contact you to learn more about your goals and aspirations and to answer any questions you might have about our circus.


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We are operating the Leadership Circus as a peer group so you can network and learn from other successful leaders while receiving timely and targeted coaching from a master-certified coach.

You will work on closing your own gaps while learning all the tools and systems you need to create a high performance culture in your organization.   Your experience will be customized to meet your needs.

The circus emerged out of 15 + years of coaching experience in corporate settings from small and midsize to large and global organizations.  Our tools and systems are proven and will work if you apply them.

We can’t promise that they will be a silver bullet for every situation, but they will give you a formula for navigating any situation that you will encounter in your career with a higher likelihood of producing desired, positive outcomes.

By Learning How To Become A More Effective Coach And Manage Commitments Instead Of People, You And Your Team Will Achieve Higher Results In Sales, Operations And Overall Project Management.

…So In a nutshell, this program IS for you if you want to learn how to…

  • Stay calm and open-minded under pressure so you can make informed decisions
  • Engage others and build trust so you can create collaborative teams and keep morale and motivation high
  • Develop other leaders who develop other leaders, so you can move up and on


  • Create lasting change and systems in your organization so your legacy lives on
  • Get projects done on time, within budgets and meeting customers’ standards of satisfaction
  • Get your team to rally around super ambitious goals and actually share and reach them
  • Navigate interpersonal issues systematically and with ease so you don’t burn out and can use conflict as a performance catalyst
  • Elicit meaningful commitments and manage them rigorously so you can trust that things are getting done
  • Coach others and hold them accountable effectively so you can be more strategic

…and definitely not for you if you…

  • Want others to change and would rather not get feedback on your own performance
  • Would like things to stay the same and are ok with mediocrity
  • Thrive on chaos and would rather clown around and fly without a safety net
  • Rather leave your leadership impact up to chance than design it
  • Not willing to invest any time and money in your own development


If you are curious about joining The Leadership Circus, cash in your Golden Ticket for a free strategic conversation about your leadership potential. Scan80001_picmonkeyed

This 3-month program contains 3 group coaching days and 2 individual, personal coaching sessions with your master-certified coach and ringleader, Birgit Zacher Hanson. 

The circus meets at different locations within the Tampa Bay area, which will be announced once we know the participants in the Circus.

In addition to participating in the next Leadership circus, we strongly request that profitable companies purchase Golden Tickets for high-potential leaders in Tampa Bay, who would otherwise not be in a position to afford this leadership training.  To sponsor a high-potential leader, please visit our Crowd Funding website at www.fundadream.com/highpotentialleaders