The Entrepreneurs’ Organization Forum Overview – Birgit Zacher Hanson

Enlightened & Impactful Leadership: How to Lead Others to Accountability!

A transformational leadership program based on the lessons from the book Who Will Do What By When?

Do you frequently hear excuses from underperforming team members instead of getting results?

Are you frustrated because your employees or contractors say one thing, but do another?

Do you feel powerless when you have had the same conversation over and over without seeing a change in behavior?

Would you like to explore how you can become a better leader and coach yourself?

Enlightened leaders understand that in order to get the results they want, they must close their leadership gap first.

Results = Potential – Leadership Gap

 “Birgit is one of the most insightful people I have had the privilege to meet and be coached by. She helped me identify my Achilles heel as a leader and more importantly, shared tool and techniques I need to correct this handicap and help me become a strong CEO to my team. I immediately applied the techniques she taught me and have had the most meaningful and productive conversations with my senior management team I have ever had.”  
– Anna Walz, CEO, Medisys Health Communications, EO member

Best-selling author and Master Certified Coach Birgit Zacher Hanson will share her step-by-step system on how to hold others more accountable and become a better leader and coach.

Birgit will address some of the topics below, i.e. how to:

• Enhance your team’s commitment and follow-through

• Create a culture where people make and honor requests

• Reduce “knee-jerk” responses to frustration

• Restore your integrity in case you were the one dropping the ball

• Deliver legitimate complaints when promises are broken

• Eliminate gossip

• Hold people accountable gracefully

• Manage moods and emotions

• Have difficult conversations and coach people into action

Most importantly, Birgit’s facilitation style is engaging, spontaneous and impactful. There will be live coaching in real time on real issues!

“The coaching model Heads-Up Performance provides is outstanding and can benefit any organization. The approach addresses all aspects of a person’s life, which is crucial to performance enhancement. Heads-Up’s involvement in different areas of the organization greatly enhanced our levels of awareness and communication.”
– Mark Newman, Vice-President of Player Development, New York Yankees

Take a quick culture survey to determine if this program is for you. Are you and the people in your organization…

• Accomplishing goals or lacking accountability for results?

• Holding direct reports responsible for creating desired results or micromanaging them to complete to-

• Creating clarity through decision making or creating confusion?

• Establishing clear standards and expectations or tolerating mediocrity?

• Resolving conflicts through crucial conversations or suffering from missing conversations?

• Coaching direct reports to be more effective or stifling them by thinking for them?

• Fostering a culture of team or creating mistrust, silos and waste?


Birgit Zacher HansonBirgit Zacher Hanson, MS, MCC, CPCC is a naturalized US citizen. Birgit’s career began as a Board Certified Banker at the Stadt-Sparkasse Duesseldorf, Germany and covered a range of mid-level and senior positions in industry leading, global organizations. As Director of Communications for the US subsidiary of Arianespace, a European (French speaking) aerospace company, she reported directly to the CEO and worked closely with senior management in France and colleagues worldwide.  Prior, during her 10-year tenure at INTELSAT (international satellite organization) she was in charge of facilitating high-level corporate and internal communications projects, including a company wide diversity intervention.  As a coach and facilitator, she has worked with leaders on all levels in Fortune 500, 100 and 10 companies as well as smaller businesses and has collaborated with HR professionals on the design and execution of culture, leadership development and coaching programs.  As co-author of Amazon bestselling Who Will Do What by When?, a business fable about accountability, trust and integrity, Birgit’s aim is to assist leaders in creating a promise-based culture in which people value diversity, collaborate and hold themselves and others accountable for results.

Birgit has an excellent track record of demonstrating significant return on her clients’ investment in her work.  Her expertise in accountability has led to many partnerships in a variety of industries. She currently holds a Master Certified Coach Accreditation from the International Coach Federation, a Masters in Organizational Development from Johns Hopkins University, and a BA in Psychology from the University of District of Columbia, as well as numerous other certifications, qualifications, memberships and involvement with a host of non-profits.