EO Forum Testimonials


“Birgit Hanson is an amazingly energetic and personable business coach, team builder and author! I first witnessed Birgit’s contagious enthusiasm when she was the keynote speaker at a session of the CEO Council of Tampa Bay, the largest CEO development organization in the Tampa Bay area. Her topic was “Who will do what by when?” the title of a business book that she authored. Soon after that, I hired Birgit to lead Alpha-Omega Title’s annual planning meeting.

In addition to assisting our team in goal setting and accountabilities, she brilliantly orchestrated an innovative team building exercise. Birgit challenged our entire staff to brainstorm and reason together to improve an assigned workflow process using tennis balls. Within 30 minutes, the process that at first took 42 seconds was done in less than 1 second! By the end of that fun and lively exercise, our team realized that by working together we could progressively do anything more efficiently which would improve service and profits dramatically.

I further asked Birgit to coach our key team members one-on-one and she delivered measurable results, including building a more cohesive culture in which our staff worked through several personality clashes. Our leaders benefited from these coaching sessions.gibbs wilson

The best teams continue to improve. Birgit’s specialty is building a culture of accountability that leads to continuous improvement. Our team and our company are measurably better off for having collaborated with Birgit Hanson and I give her my highest recommendation!”


“As forum members, we sometimes take for granted the true value of Forum to ourselves individually and with respect to the forum members collectively. Our Forum selected Birgit for our Retreat after interviewing several prospects because Birgit exhibited a certain intangible that resonated with us more than anyone else, that spoke to us, that she understood us and had our backs. And this was after only one or two phone calls. What was most transformational was that Birgit connected deeply with the soul of each forum member to such an extent that it fundamentally changed the forum dynamic for years to come. She did not lecture us, or take us through rote exercises, but instead she held our hands both individually and collectively and guided us to a higher level of understanding about our leadership styles, our roadblocks and blind spots, and she encouraged each of us to uncover our inner weaknesses and find our inner strengths. She has a unique ability to intuitively and instinctively read a group and seamlessly change course to be intimately responsive to the needs of the group and its members. One of Birgit’s greatest assets was that she never allowed herself to be limited by a script. What this meant in the end was that Birharris wolingit created an experience that was personal to each of us, which in turn created exponential valuable to the Forum as a whole. Our experience took the concept of forum health and forum growth to a whole new level. She exceeded all of our expectations. Any Forum that chooses Birgit as a facilitator will be given a priceless gift.”

Harris A. Wolin, Intellectual Property Attorney at Myers Wolin, LLC

“Birgit fascilitated our recent EO Forum retreat and received the highest rating our group has given in the last 3 years. Her dynamic style of presenting really engaged our group. We were really able to reach that elusive 5% that we’re always searching to get to which resulted in our group becominLeo Voloshing stronger. On top of that we were each able to take major new take-aways that we are implementing in our business & personal lives. I would hire Birgit in a heart beat – she has my highest recommendation.”

Leo Voloshin, Print Fresh Studio

“We were looking a retreat facilitator who could help us move further along on the continuum of  working on our businesses instead of in our businesses. What we found so compelling about Birgit’s  approach and the reason we selected her is that she believes business owners know what to do but cannot/do not do it because certain things are standing in the way. She believes that by helping the leader gain clarity on what is in the way and providing tools to remove it (or work with it), the path will then be clear for the leader to move ahead…thus achieving the goal of working on the business. What occurred during our meeting was truly transformational. She had us perform exercises showing us how to break through roadblocks by thinking about situations differently. Her intuitive insight and questions about our thoughts/situations got right to the core and took our discussion to a much deeper level, a level we may never have achieved without her facilitation and personality. Prior to the reCaryn KRopptreat, we read her book Who Will Do What By When so we were speaking a common language. She was a pleasure to work with and a rare combination of business saavy, insight and warmth. I recommend her highly as a retreat facilitator.”

Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener at Kopp Consulting, LLC 

“I want to thank you for facilitating our Forum retreat. It was a great experience and I left with a lot of new insights and approaches to work on–hopefully pushing me forward to improve myself as a leader, coach and individual. Birgit facilitated an eye opening professional leadership retreat that led us on a journey to peel our personal and professional “onions” to discover the underlying issues that are blocking us from being the most effect leader and “coach” we can be. In doing so, we left with additional skills, knowledge and leadership techniques that will push each of us to improve both professionally and personally. Her coaching style effectively provided “ah ha!” insights whiKen Gruskinle teaching me new skills and techniques that I could start using the very next day. I really appreciated Birgit’s approach of teaching us “how to fish” rather her giving us the “fish” as it helped to further reinforce that each of are responsible for the outcomes that we get–we must actively engage and accept responsibility for our actions as an individual, leader, forum member, friend and family member.”

Kenneth A. Gruskin, Principal at Gruskin Groupp

susan michel“Your experience and communication style caused us as business owners to think more deeply about out individual leadership strengths and weaknesses. I left the forum retreat with specific actionable ideas to try in my business.”

Susan Michel, Founder of Glen Eagle Advisors

“Birgit started out facilitating o business retreat for my EO forum. She was able to “cut to the chase”. She picked up on things we have overlooked or not seen for years. Her insights were amazing.al silkroski I have also started using Birgit for some personal issues that I felt were holding me back. I can only say WOW!. I would highly recommend Birgit for business or personal development.”

Al Silkroski, President at Hilltop Enterprises


“Birgit is one of the most insightful people I have had the privilege to meet and be coached by. She helped me identify my achilles heel as a leader and more importantly, shared tool and techniques I need to correct this handicap and help me become a strong leader to my team. As my forum can attest, I immediately applied the techniques she taught us (in the van, on my way to the airport), and had the most meaningful and productive conversation with my VP of sales I have ever had. You played two critical roles during our retreat: You were an outstanding leadership coach, whosuccessfully helped me see what is standing in the way of my being a successful leader. You based these observations on science (psychology and psysiology), generously shared the tools and techniques you use, and encouraged me to use these with my own team. Thanks to your insight and guidance, I’m consciously making the transition from a boss to a coach within my own business environment.anna walz You were an outstanding facilitator who took and active role in helping our forum identify our weak spots, addresses our issues, and develop team management action plan to make certain that we are keeping each other accountable to the expectations of the collective. Frankly Birgit, if you had not been at the meeting I would have resigned from the forum at the end of day 2.”

Anna Walz, CEO at MedEvoke


“As a Vistage member I saw Birgit speak at one of our events and hired her for Executive Coaching. Her book and presentation left a lasting impression on me and to this day, years later, I remember her slogan: “Who will do what by when?. Her coaching prompted me to always close the loop, instead of just leaving things to linger and hoping for the best. I used to have a habit of avoiding difficult conversations and learned how to have them effectively. As a result, I have made many changes in my personal and professional life and have become more efficient and productive. I do the most important things first and pay attention to what is truly important to me. Birgit’s coaching has made a big difference and I think most business owners and professional sales people would benefit from working with her.”

Bobby Patrick, Regional Sales Manager at EMPIRE MARKETING GROUP


“From our first session, I could tell we were in incredibly talented and capable hands. Birgit is an insightful listener who took the time to understand our unique business and our challenges. She brandon thompsonlooked at our personal and commercial goals, and helped to align our priorities and offered numerous tips and suggestions to coach our teams for success. She provided sales training and coaching, and last week one of ther suggestions led to an $80,000 sale I know would not have come in without her insight and advice.”

Brandon Thompson, Director of Sales and Account Management at Anvil Group


“You were great!  Thanks for your time and facilitating our event.  The feedback from everyone was very positive.  You have several new friends and followers from the Philadelphia area!  I was reviewingdan carpy my notes this morning and I have a lot of personal ah-ha’s and take-aways to work on. ”

Daniel Carpey