Execution Gap

Typically when we are speaking about the Execution Gap we are talking about the gap between your vision or goals and the actual results you or your organization are producing. 
While that gap is often worth closing because it represents a significant upside, both financially as well as qualitatively, it is not easy to close. The reason is that the Outer Execution Gap is really just a reflection of a hidden Leadership Gap.  
Results = Potential – Leadership Gap
Enlightened leaders begin to understand that in order to effectively close their execution gaps, they must close their hidden leadership gaps first.  
So if you are thinking, ‘I don’t have any hidden gaps,’ you are one of millions of leaders who do not see what’s in their blind-spot.  Welcome to the human race. 
Most of us believe that the problems are outside of ourselves and that we had little or nothing to do with creating them.  The problem with that perspective is that we also don’t see what it would take to overcome or remove those barriers to success and break through.  
The good news is: It is not as hard as you may think.  
Results of your organization are directly related to the conversations your are having, not having or not having well.  
Birgit Zacher Hanson, Master Certified Coach and Owner of a Tampa-based boutique coaching and consulting company and co-author of best-selling business fable Who Will Do What by When? – How to Enhance Performance, Trust and Accountability with Integrity will teach two fundamental communications methodologies in one day.  
Take a quick culture survey to pre-qualify yourself for her program.  
Are the people in your organization…
  • Accomplishing goals or lacking accountability for results?
  • Holding their reports responsible for creating desired results or micromanaging them to complete to-do-lists?
  • Creating clarity through decision making or creating confusion?
  • Establishing clear standards and expectations or tolerating mediocrity?
  • Resolving conflicts through crucial conversations or suffering from missing conversations?
  • Coaching their reports to be more effective or stifling them by thinking and problem-solving for them?
  • Fostering a culture of collaborative teams or creating mistrust, silos and waste?
The two – part program consists of : 
1. How to Systematically Create Accountability
3.5. hours Participants will learn and practice the step-by-step Who Will Do What by When? Accountability System
2. Stop Telling – Start Coaching
3.5 hours of interactive coach training
The principles and practices in this program will produce a life-long shift, also referred to as embodied leadership.  
You can expect to walk away with a renewed leadership presence, higher capacity to build trust, and increased confidence to take decisive, effective and meaningful action.
You will be better able to create and motivate teams that focus on what actually matters, create a culture in which people communicate and execute effectively, and take responsibility for producing desired results. 
Here’s what clients say about Birgit’s facilitation and coaching. 
Your Ringleader:
Birgit Zacher Hanson, MCC (Master Certified Coach) , is Founder and President of Heads-Up Performance Inc., an internationally recognized boutique specializing in executive leadership and organizational culture change.  Her focus is on building productive work cultures with a high degree of accountability, integrity, trust and embodied leadership. 
She prides herself on sharing simple insights people can remember and implement right away.  One of her core beliefs is that even the smallest behavioral change will have a huge impact over time. 
With an M.S. in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University, Birgit has a passion for diversity and change management.

Birgit is the co-author of Who Will Do What by When? and has partnered with the best, including the New York Yankees.  She works with numerous organizations and individuals who are seriously committed to performance enhancement and recognize the need for expansive leadership development.

She previously spent thirteen years in the international satellite and aerospace industry, where as an executive she experienced first-hand the challenges of global leadership.
Birgit serves as an executive coach, speaker and trainer, facilitating individual and team performance.
Past clients include Pepperidge Farm, American Express, Amerigroup, Invesco, De Lage Landen, Pfizer, Novartis, Thrivent, Tampa Electric Company, Verizon, Children’s Board and numerous small and mid size businesses in all industries. 
Her programs are fun, highly interactive, practical and impactful.