Executive Coaching

Results in an organization are directly related to the conversations people are having, not having or not having well. Conversations have the potential to produce commitments, which in turn shape actions and results. They are either informed by what people care about or they are not. They either produce satisfying results or they don’t.

When people in an organization are engaged in the wrong conversations or are avoiding difficult conversations the organization will experience breakdowns, dissatisfaction and a lack of trust.

Our aim is to look for the conversations that are missing or are being had ineffectively and replace them with effective conversations that are more likely to produce desired outcomes. For example, the presence of a lot of complaining at the watercooler is an indication that powerful conversations that would bring about an acceptable solution are either missing or haven’t produced the desired result.

In our coaching approach we help our clients identify their role in breakdowns and commit to a new way of communicating that enhances accountability while preserving relationships and trust.

We believe that almost everything we want is available through conversations. We just need to identify what we want, whith whom to have what conversation and then have it effectively.

To become a better communicator and coach, we focus on the 3 Cs – Composure, Coaching Skills and Commitment Management.