How to Lead Others to Accountability

A program based on the lessons from the book, Who Will Do What By When?
  • Do you frequently hear excuses from underperforming team members or contractors instead of getting results?
  • Are you frustrated because people say one thing, but do another?
  • Do you feel powerless when people make promises and don’t follow through?
  • Would you like others to take responsibility and get things done in a timely manner?
Best-selling author of Who Will Do What by When?, Birgit Zacher Hanson will address some of the topics below, i.e. how to:
  • Enhance your team’s commitment and follow-through
  • Make and honor requests
  • Reduce “knee-jerk” responses to frustration
  • Restore your integrity in case you were the one dropping the ball
  • Deliver legitimate complaints when promises are broken
  • Eliminate gossip
  • Hold people accountable gracefully
  • Manage moods and emotions
  • Have difficult conversations and coach people into action