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How to Create a Culture of Engagement and Accountability Through the Art of Coaching and Commitment Management

Birgit Zacher Hanson, MS, MCC


This program has been pre-approved for 3 General Credits.


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Many HR professionals would like to offer a coaching program for the leaders in their organizations but are not sure how to design, position and deliver it.  If they are not coaches themselves and are looking for professional coaches they may have difficulties distinguishing a master-level coach from someone who might just call themselves a coach.    Coaching is an art and its standards are clearly defined by the International Coaches Federation. While it is possible to read about coaching, the art of coaching is just like a martial art.  One has to get on the mat to earn a black belt.    This highly interactive and experiential program is designed for HR professionals who have little or intermediate coaching skills and would like to learn, experience and practice higher level coaching skills.  Specifically, they will observe the difference of the three levels of coaching (ACC, PCC and MCC) as designated by the International Coaches Federation.  Furthermore, they will learn how to position a coaching program internally – because it is not about the coaching skills but the results that are being produced.


Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this workshop participants will be able to:
1. Distinguish what sets coaching apart from mentoring programs.
2. Distinguish the ACC, PCC and MCC levels of coaching standards defined by the International Coaches Federation.
3. Design an internal coaching program that delivers improvements in engagement, accountability and bottom line results..


Birgit Zacher Hanson, MS, MCC, CPCC is a naturalized US citizen. Birgit’s career began as a Board Certified Banker at the Stadt-Sparkasse Duesseldorf, Germany and covered a range of mid-level and senior positions in industry leading, global organizations. As Director of Communications for the US subsidiary of Arianespace, a European (French speaking) aerospace company, she reported directly to the CEO and worked closely with senior management in France and colleagues worldwide.  Prior, during her 10-year tenure at INTELSAT (international satellite organization) she was in charge of facilitating high-level corporate and internal communications projects, including a company wide diversity intervention.  As a coach and facilitator, she has worked with leaders on all levels in Fortune 500, 100 and 10 companies as well as smaller businesses and has collaborated with HR professionals on the design and execution of culture, leadership development and coaching programs.  As co-author of Amazon bestselling Who Will Do What by When?, a business fable about accountability, trust and integrity, Birgit’s aim is to assist leaders in creating a promise-based culture in which people value diversity, collaborate and hold themselves and others accountable for results.

Birgit has an excellent track record of demonstrating significant return on her clients’ investment in her work.  Her expertise in accountability has led to many partnerships in a variety of industries. She currently holds a Master Certified Coach Accreditation from the International Coach Federation, a Masters in Organizational Development from Johns Hopkins University, and a BA in Psychology from the University of District of Columbia, as well as numerous other certifications, qualifications, memberships and involvement with a host of non-profits.\


“How many times have I heard the old saying that “everything I need to know in HR I learned in kindergarten”?  I always wondered why that was a truism and how it came to be.  Epiphany! Birgit Zacher Hanson spoke at the Florida HR Conference in 2013 and suddenly I understood why the concept could be right.  Birgit taught a segment about caring communications. When you really care you will follow through.  So when the kindergarten teacher asked us to stop throwing sand in the sand box, she/he was imprinting our feeling of care for another.   That being said, as adults the sandbox is bigger, the problems are frequent, and the communications often careless.  I can see how Birgit’s teachings about caring communications permits development of life by design as opposed to life by circumstance, and the integrity tools she offers create solid outcomes.  I have at times preached to supervisors – “ask, don’t tell” and Birgit gave me more to offer them by way of her book, Who will do what by when?  If you are having communication breakdowns – look to Birgit Zacher Hanson for coaching success.”   — Kate Shockey, MMHRM, PHR at Volusia County Clerk of Court