Leaders Developing Leaders

An organization’s growth and survival depends on leaders’ ability to create a high performance culture by effectively developing other leaders.  Read more…

Few companies have a formal process in place to empower leaders to develop and coach other leaders systematically and with ease.

There are several reasons why leaders find it hard to develop other leaders.  For example, many leaders:

  1. Aren’t effective leaders themselves and don’t have effective role models.
  2. Don’t know that it’s their job to develop others – they are too busy putting out fires to notice.
  3. Haven’t experienced leadership training or coaching themselves and don’t know how to develop other leaders.
  4. Lack clarity, tools and systems that others can duplicate
  5. Can’t understand why others aren’t more naturally good at leadership.

We take the mystery out of Leadership Development by introducing leaders to our simple 3C Leadership System.

They will learn and practice three core competencies, which together empower any leader to systematically create a high performance culture, where people trust one another, articulate with clarity, collaborate and take responsibility for shared goals and hold themselves and others accountable for commitments they make.

The three competencies are:

  • Composure
  • Coaching Skills
  • Commitment Management