Mastery for BL Seniors

Join our virtual program for business leaders who want to become masterful at creating accountability on all levels of their organization.  

In this 7.5-hour program, Birgit will walk you through on how to make the shift to:

  • COMMITMENT MANAGEMENT instead of people and traditional project management.  You will learn how to apply and embody the entire Accountability System to create commitment rather than just compliance.
  • A more ENGAGING and PARTICIPATIVE LEADERSHIP style that elicits greatness, creativity and commitment rather than being a directive (sometimes pushy and exhausted) leader who others rely on to get their work done.
  • Using EFFECTIVE commitment management and ACTION PLANNING sessions instead of long and sometimes ineffective, unfocused meetings.


This is a unique opportunity to apply what you’ve learner in the Who Will Do What by When? training and create meaningful, sustainable change in your life and business.


During this fast track 6-week program you will:

  • Obtain a clear understanding of what commitment coaching really is.
  • Learn how to improve your commitment and leadership skills and enhance the performance of your team by incorporating our commitment coaching philosophy into your leadership style.
  • Boost your coaching skills, and/or implement formal coaching structure into your workplace.
  • Implement commitment coaching techniques and skills immediately to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.
  • Enhance your confidence and have the skills to handle ‘difficult conversations’ effectively.
  • Promote more determination in your team by learning how to maximize their effectiveness and release their untapped potential.
  • Learn to elicit skills to effectively manage commitment.


At the end of this 6-week program, participants will:

  • Develop into a more effective leader with commitment coaching skills.
  • Merge commitment coaching into your current role and responsibilities.
  • Boost feedback and communication skills within your team.
  • Raise staff performance, spirit and retention of staff.
  • Motivate others to take risks, set goals and deal with problems.
  • Conduct better performance appraisals.
  • Have a solid understanding of the 11 Core Competencies of Coaching.
  • Have engaged in coaching sessions and been observed and received feedback from their ICF Master Certified Coach.


Virtual Program Format:

Six 1 hour 15 minute TeleClasses, 1/week on Tuesday’s from 12.30pm to 1.45pm  EST, led by a Master Certified Coach Birgit Zacher Hanson.  To find out more about Birgit click here.


What your training includes:

  • 7.5 hours of coach training geared toward leaders in the workplace
  • Participant book
  • Practice coaching sessions and analysis
  • Engagement in a Master Coach coaching session
  • Experiential adult training and learning
  • A Certificate of Completion from the program


Program Delivery:

  • The Commitment Management Mastery Program is being delivered as 6 weekly, 1 hour 15 minute TeleClasses, conducted by a TeleClass bridge telephone line.
  • The program will be designed by your Coach to meet the needs of the participants.
  • Sessions are always highly engaging including many hours of real coaching practice. Case studies are created specifically for participants work scenarios. Practice coaching is highly suggested between group sessions.
  • This program can also be provided in-house and all content would be developed to meet the specific needs of the organization (Call 813.963.6224 to inquire about customized programs and pricing).



This program consists of 6 sessions over 6 continuous Tuesday’s from Tuesday November 19, 2013 to January 7, 2014:
Week 1 – Tuesday, November 19th – 12.30pm-1.45pm EST
Week 2 – Tuesday, November 26th – 12.30pm-1.45pm EST
Week 3 – Tuesday, December 3rd – 12.30pm-1.45pm EST
Week 4 – Tuesday, December 10th – 12.30pm-1.45pm EST
Week 5 – Tuesday, December 17th – 12.30pm-1.45pm EST
Week 6 – Tuesday, January 7th 2014– 12.30pm-1.45pm EST



Classes in this program are delivered using TeleClass bridge line. Participants just dial into the line for the live sessions.  We highly recommend that during sessions participants are in a quiet area, without interruptions.  Classes will be recorded and sent to all participants for additional study and review.


This year-end program will be particularly valuable as it offers the opportunity to review goals and results produced this year and set clear and powerful intentions for the coming year.  


Class Size:

All classes are limited to a maximum of 8 participants.


Program Fee:





This is a discount for attendees from the Better Living for Seniors Session. Please use coupon code: BLSENIORS at checkout.


How to Register:

Simply click the ‘Add to Shopping Cart’ below and complete online payment.  You will receive an introductory email and confirmation of your registration in the class.

If you would prefer to speak with a coach beforehand you may do so by calling 813-963-6224 or you can email Birgit at [email protected] if you have any further questions you would like answered.



To be eligible for the Commitment Coach Certification the following requirements must have been met by the participant:
  • Completed CMM and attended at least 5 hours of the training live.
  • Completed 12 hours of personal coaching as a CCC participant
  • Completed 6 hours of mentor coaching by a certified Heads-Up Commitment Coach.
  • Passed oral exam during which a live coaching session was observed by a certified Heads-Up Commitment Coach.


Please call our office at 813.963.6224 to inquire about this program.


Want more information on how we can help you?

Contact Kim at [email protected] or call 813.963.6224



“I promise you will dramatically improve your personal performance and the results of your teams.”

 Birgit Zacher Hanson, M.S., M.C.C.


“I Couldn’t be Happier!”
“When I signed up for Birgit’s Accountability Program, I was in complete overwhelm and almost didn’t participate. But I am glad I did. Within just a couple of weeks I had the necessary (missing) conversations with key people in my organization, and I now have a completely new role in the company, the flexibility to work from home, the support of a virtual team and the responsibility for a customer solution that has real impact. I couldn’t be happier.” Karl Guenther, Jr. ,Sr. Global Product Manager, Advanced Energy, Linvatec
“Transformed My Team!”
“Working with Heads-Up Performance to apply the principles discussed in Who Will Do What by When? has transformed our team. We have become more excited, committed and productive in our personal and professional lives.” – William A. Smotherman, Director, Resource Planning – Energy Supply, Teco
“This is the Right Stuff”
“I applaud you on your ability to communicate key leadership lessons in a simple, interesting and effective story. The single biggest take away for me was the reinforcement of the importance of “integrity” in terms of its role in enhancing personal performance, personal power and trust. I would recommend you in a heartbeat to teach a team on how to be a team. You have the right stuff in building leadership and improving operational performance. ” – Larry Schwartz, Chief of Staff to former NY Governor David Paterson
“A Performance Upgrade… and Stress Downgrade”
“Before we started working with Heads-Up Performance we were experiencing considerable inefficiency and tension amongst our staff. Since the Who Will Do What by When? workshops and coaching we’re at a much higher level of performance – and my stress level is way down.”  – Julian Garcia, former Executive Director, University Area Community Development Center.