On-Target Project Management

The Journey from Breakdowns to Commitments…

Breakdowns in Project Management are common and costly.

Most project managers develop strong project plans and begin with the best of intentions, yet fail to deliver timely and satisfactory results.  “Unforeseen circumstances,” “complications,” and “bad luck” derail timelines and create more excuses than successes.  Stakes are high and control over outcomes is low – or so it appears.

Companies who recognize people as their greatest asset invest in their development, but typically overwhelm project managers by training them on countless “core competencies.”

We believe less is more and simple wins.  Three fundamental competencies will transform your leaders and add value to your bottom line: Composure, Coaching Skills and Commitment Management.

Our programs develop “3-C” project managers who distinguish themselves by leading with:

  1. Composure: They stay relaxed and centered under pressure and listen with an open mind;
  1. Coaching: They evoke excellence in others through the art of Coaching instead of telling others what to do (which at best leads to compliance);
  1. Commitment Management: They effectively manage commitments instead of people (a true “secret” to success).

The “3-C” tools and systems we provide are so simple they can be passed from one leader to another with ease.  The result is a culture where people respect and listen to each other, offer and receive coaching freely and coordinate action through commitment management instead of hand-holding.  Projects get done well and on time.

The fundamentals of coaching and commitment management are outlined in our best-selling book Who Will Do What by When? – an entertaining business fable on how to enhance performance, trust and accountability with integrity.

We hope you enjoy the book and call us to discuss how we might work together to reach your goals.