Our Approach

Our ApproachScott Jaffe testimonial image

In partnership with you, we co-create a strategic leadership solution blending paradigm-shifting and skill-building workshops, coaching conversations to apply new skills to specific management and sales challenges, team meeting facilitation to reinforce the new way of operating, and senior executive strategic coaching to resolve higher level business issues.

We have worked with organizations from a variety of industries and across the globe.  Understanding your situation is the first step in any of our engagements.  We want to understand where you are now, where you want to go and why.  We call this “the gap analysis.”

Through a thorough process of inquiry consisting of assessment tools, in-depth interviews and dialogue, we identify the costly business challenges you face and the opportunities that would bring value to you, your stakeholders, and employees.

Our ICF-credentialed coaches meet the highest standards set by the International Coach Federation and we customize all interventions to meet specific client needs.  We follow a collaborative, results-oriented and systematic process, based on cutting-edge research.   We believe in learning through experience and promise to help you measure and track the value that is being created as a result of our work together.