Property Management Company Creates a Culture of Excellence

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Property Management Company Creates a Culture of Excellence

Atlanta-based Property Management Company is under-performing due to several layers of management displaying personal and interpersonal ineffectiveness.  The executive team lacks trust and accountability and is not achieving its full potential. The gaps on the people side are threatening the organization’s ability to execute its vision in the field and reach higher level business goals. The estimated value of closing this gap is millions of dollars in terms of real cost and missed business opportunities.



Heads-Up Performance delivered a year-long program consisting of Assessments, Executive Coaching, interpersonal communications and coaching skills training to empower leadership to change its habits and behavior and more effectively evoke sustained excellence in their staff, improving individual performance, teamwork and organizational results.

Programs were conducted monthly, supported by phone coaching.


“As President/COO of an Atlanta Property Management company I retained Heads-Up Performance to coach our executive team and facilitate team building, communications and strategic meetings.

The book “Who Will Do What by When?” became required reading and changed our culture to a more productive one.

As a result of the coaching I adopted several new practices:

  1. Monday morning stand-up check-in meetings with my executive staff. During that meeting everybody shares information in a specific format. Such information includes their assessments as they relate to emergencies, problems, new goals, corrective measures etc.
  2. The team management action plan (tmap) as a tool to guide our staff meetings and document the promises people make. It’s been an effective tool to manage my own and my staff’s commitments and focus on our strategic priorities
  3. Take a few moments of “executive think time” every day and write a journal. This time allows me to review the tmap and focus on what’s most important. It helps me identify decisions I need to make, conversations I want to have and actions I have to take or delegate
  4. Use the Who will do what by when? book throughout my organization and focus on that question in order to generate a commitment from others (including my teenage son who doesn’t like to be held accountable)

These practices have allowed me to become more efficient and enhance the results of my executive team and organization at large.

My executive team has received their own coaching and has become more engaged in making commitments and eliciting promises from each other and their direct reports. They are now looking for the cause of breakdowns as supposed to just the symptoms.

By working with Heads-Up Performance we have become substantially more aware of our communication. We have found that the cause of most breakdowns is related to a missing conversation or a standard that wasn’t shared.

Financially, I would estimate we were ahead about 300-400k as a result of the coaching.

It takes time and effort to change a habit and fully embrace some of these new concepts, but it is worth it.” President, Atlanta Property Management Company