Rigorous Accountability Training Program

“You will dramatically improve your personal performance and the results of your teams.”

Reach Goals you Care about and become a “Results Getter” through our Who Will Do What by When? Accountability System™


You Will Discover How to…

  • Hold others accountable by coordinating action and managing commitments
  • Identify and have the missing conversations that will lead to greater trust and motivation
  • Obtain commitments from people who are being evasive
  • Manage moods and emotions (only productive emotions) to enhance morale
  • Create shared standards
  • How to Hold Effective Team Meetings

You get…

  • 6 Weekly Group Conference Calls
  • 2 private coaching sessions
  • Submit your questions by email and I will address them on the call or provide private coaching by email


You get a complete, step-by-step program for reaching your goals faster and easier, PLUS you get trained in that system.

Instead of the power and wisdom of the Who Will Do What by When Success System sitting on your shelf collecting dust, that power will be where you need it to be every day… in your body!

The Rigorous Accountability Training Program

Call 813-968 8863 for days, time and location.  |  Program Fee: $1000

For more information call Birgit Zacher Hanson, M.S., M.C.C. at 813-968 8863