“A good executive coach can help a leader identify and mitigate her leadership weaknesses.
A great executive coach can help a leader identify and enhance her leadership strengths.
A transformative executive coach helps a leader align her work with her deeply-held values and build trusting and energizing relationships that engage her people to optimize performance.
Birgit Zacher Hanson is a transformative coach.” Meghan Flanz, Counselor to the General Counsel and Director, Office of Accountability Review
Office of General Counsel

“Birgit Zacher Hanson is an amazingly energetic and personable business coach, team builder and author! I first witnessed Birgit’s contagious enthusiasm when she was the keynote speaker at a session of the CEO Council of Tampa Bay, the largest CEO development organization in the Tampa Bay area. Her topic was “Who will do what by when?” the title of a business book that she authored. Soon after that, I hired Birgit to lead Alpha-Omega Title’s annual planning meeting. In addition to assisting our team in goal setting and accountabilities, she brilliantly orchestrated an innovative team building exercise. Birgit challenged our entire staff to brainstorm and reason together to improve an assigned workflow process using tennis balls. Within 30 minutes, the process that at first took 42 seconds was done in less than 1 second! By the end of that fun and lively exercise, our team realized that by working together we could progressively do anything more efficiently which would improve service and profits dramatically. I further asked Birgit to coach our key team members one-on-one and she delivered measurable results, including building a more cohesive culture in which our staff worked through several personality clashes. Our leaders benefited from these coaching sessions. The best teams continue to improve. Birgit’s specialty is building a culture of accountability that leads to continuous improvement. Our team and our company are measurably better off for having collaborated with Birgit Zacher Hanson and I give her my highest recommendation!” Gibbs Wilson, CEO, ALPHA-OMEGA TITLE

“Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for our team. The principles you taught us were simple, straight forward and very effective. It was great to set a foundation for the change needed to build an effective team. It is more than that though…….on a personal level, the tools I learned in our executive coaching sessions and group training can easily be applied to interactions in my home life. I was glad to see that the guys were engaged and got great value from the training.” Sal Nsheiwat Director, Mosaic

“When I began working with Birgit, I was in a situation where I needed to lead a highly-driven team, achieve large market goals and maintain work/life balance with two small children. Through months of coaching Birgit helped me create processes to maneuver through obstacles, opened my eyes on how to be a compelling leader, showed me how to have dialogue through difficult conversations and gave me tools and support through work life/family life hurdles. In the timeframe I worked with Birgit, our market exceeded our goals and the team grew stronger through shared objectives. I now have processes in place for situations where I used to be unsure of my next step. She also gave me the gift of guidance and understanding when I had to miss my daughter’s birthday for a work function. I have shared her coaching with other working moms and know they’ve benefited from it as well. Birgit’s coaching is something that I will hold onto for the rest of my career. I couldn’t think more highly of her and her talents.” Kate C. Sawa, APR, Executive Director, Market VP, Tampa Bay, American Heart Association / American Stroke Association

“Over the last four to five months we have been collaborating with Birgit Zacher Hanson to help our organization’s leadership improve their coaching skills to get the most out of our people. From our first session, I could tell we were in incredibly talented and capable hands. Birgit is an insightful listener who took the time to understand our unique business and our challenges. She looked at our personal and commercial goals, and helped to align our priorities and offered numerous tips and suggestions to coach our teams for success. She provided sales training and coaching, and last week one of her suggestions led to an $80,000 sale I know would not have come in without her insight and advice. Our weekly sessions have helped me discover where I needed to focus my time and energies as a sales manager and kept us focused on our goals.” B. Thompson, Director of Sales and Account Management, Anvil, Americas

“I am the Owner/President of Tricycle Studios. Birgit Zacher Hanson and I had coaching sessions for most of 2013. I engaged her services to help me during an accelerated growth time for the studio. In the role of suddenly managing 27 people and the development of Tricycle’s success, I felt very overwhelmed and insecure. I knew I needed tools and coaching to help me transition to the next stage of my career. I merely intended to try and feel better about handling the stress and becoming a true leader. Not only did Birgit help guide me, give me tools to become a more confident leader, she also did a workshop that has helped our studio become more efficient. We still use what we learned and a lot of it is used in our new hire training.
The skills I have learned I used every day as I coach and mentor my team. Perception and communication is so important, nuances are often taken for granted and she helped me recognize how my words and behavior affect the team. I have more confidence and my team has recognized this. Her impact continues to last. I am proud to say that many employees still reference what they learned in the initial workshops. They recognize communication breakdowns and we help keep each other accountable every day. We are going to bring Birgit back this year for additional coaching and workshops. Birgit is definitely an asset to any organization and we are lucky to have found her.” Tona K. Bell, President, Tricycle Studio

“When I signed up for Birgit’s Rigorous Accountability Training, I was in complete overwhelm and didn’t think I could even make the time to participate. But I am glad I did. Birgit’s focus on “the entire person” helped me reach for much higher (and more fulfilling) goals than I would have on my own. Within just a couple of weeks I had the necessary conversations with key people in my organizations, and I now have a completely new role, the flexibility to work from home, the support of a virtual team and the responsibility for a customer solution that has real impact. I couldn’t be happier with where I am at now. I recommend this program for anyone who is sick and tired of stress and overwhelm. There actually is another way, but you have to be willing to invest the time to find it!” Karl Guenther, Jr. Sr. Global Product Manager, Advanced Energy, Linvatec
“Birgit came to speak to our department a few weeks ago on leadership and accountability. The style was a mix of lecture and small group activities encouraging goal alignment and trust. We had been missing direction and tools for a while now. Equipping our management with a different perspective and new way of thinking will go a long way in improving our organization and process. Thank you for coming to speak to our group Birgit!” Paolo Olis, Process Engineer at The Mosaic Company

“Birgit is great to work with. She landed commitment management with our team. We learned about creating agreements, holding people accountable, make powerful requests in supporting us to work together in achieving our benchmarks and effective communication as a team.” John Koumpourlis

“As EO forum members, we sometimes take for granted the true value of Forum to ourselves individually and with respect to the forum members collectively. Our Forum selected Birgit for our Retreat after interviewing several prospects because Birgit exhibited a certain intangible that resonated with us more than anyone else, that spoke to us, that she understood us and had our backs. And this was after only one or two phone calls. What was most transformational was that Birgit connected deeply with the soul of each forum member to such an extent that it fundamentally changed the forum dynamic for years to come. She did not lecture us, or take us through rote exercises, but instead she held our hands both individually and collectively and guided us to a higher level of understanding about our leadership styles, our roadblocks and blind spots, and she encouraged each of us to uncover our inner weaknesses and find our inner strengths. She has a unique ability to intuitively and instinctively read a group and seamlessly change course to be intimately responsive to the needs of the group and its members. One of Birgit’s greatest assets was that she never allowed herself to be limited by a script. What this meant in the end was that Brigit created an experience that was personal to each of us, which in turn created exponential valuable to the Forum as a whole. Our experience took the concept of forum health and forum growth to a whole new level. She exceeded all of our expectations. Any Forum that chooses Birgit as a facilitator will be given a priceless gift.” Harris Wolin, Intellectual Property Attorney at Myers Wolin, LLC

“Birgit is brilliance bundled in a small package. We always hope to gain insight and pearls of wisdom when we attend professional seminars. I must say I got more than I would have imagined at the Fla. Geriatric Care Management Association conference in St. Petersberg that I attended recently. Birgit Hanson was our closing speaker. There is a lot of training available for we entrepreneurs, but hands down, my experience in private consultation with Birgit on Friday was like finding the key to the business emerald city. Before you spend another dime in the uncertain costs of success in your business, invest in the success of your business. At least spend a few dollars and purchase the easy read “Who will do what by when?” co-authored by Birgit, then call her. Don’t wait. I am the principle in my business model and believe me, her recent guidance in my practice was a landmark in my professional survival. She will go straight to the heart of what may be challenges that you are not even aware of. I want you to experience Birgit first hand. The only benefit I receive from this testimonial is my investment in you as a business person, and that is my time well spent. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my experience. Thank you” Linda Linda Waidelich, President

“Birgit has been coaching me via TC on a monthly basis for a year (May 2010 – April 2011). These coaching sessions were very valuable to me, because:
Birgit is always 100% dedicated & focused on me during the calls, and wouldn’t finish a discussion because ‘time was up’ – we overan by half an hour on a regular basis to come to a meaningful conclusion (without charge). She lets me determine the focus of the discussion, but also challenges if she thinks a topic needs to be further explored. Birgit ‘knows her literature’ on leadership etc, but combines this with a breath of personal experience and does not shy away from using examples from her own private life. This creates a huge amount of trust and personal connection. She knows many different ways to get you to find the ‘reason behind the reason’, e.g. reach a deeper level of understanding than I would have reached by myself. And last but not least, Birgit makes sure I implement the action items from our discussions, by agreeing on clear commitments.” Janneke van der Kamp, General Manager Novartis Pharma Belgium

“I was sceptical to the concept of working with a coach due to prior experiences. However that scepticism was quickly overcome, Birgit was the right coach at the right time for me. Birgit quickly connected with me and I truly benefited from my coaching hours and I commend her ability to open my eyes, not only as to the (potential) downsides of my management style and behaviour but more importantly she helped me in my personal journey. Sharing her (personal) experiences, her ability to reflect and create different perspectives helped me to further develop as a professional but as a person as well. Despite the relatively limited number of sessions, she managed to build a relationship of trust and respect, acted without prejudice and I appreciated her openness and willingness to share personal experiences to illustrate pitfalls and opportunities on my way. In short a BIG thank you to Birgit for her contribution to my journey.” Ronald Majoor, VP IT Governance at De Lage Landen

“Birgit’s ability to engage groups and organizations in the difficult conversations that create meaningful transformations is simply beyond amazing. She can see to the heart of things in an instant where others may take years and not “get it”. I am honored to have Birgit as one of the precious resources I call on regularly. Thank You Birgit for your support and your help!”Alfonso Castaneira, CEO Head Coach at ProSpeakCoach.com

“I wanted to learn to become a more effective (real) coach, i.e. increase engagement, more than just inform people, make them think and participate in decision making; build trust and make it a safe environment to express, actively develop people, lift them up, be more generous with my time and energy and at the same time hold them accountable. The impact from the coaching sessions is amazing: I am more patient than ever and more actively listening, which increases my impact and the quality of group decisions. The coaching also helped me identify personal practices to create higher performance state that allows me to relax under pressure and stay open and expanded when triggered. I fully understand the importance of building trust systematically and am actively working to create it in my relationships and within the organization. I have increased my knowledge on how to improve the performance of my team. Although I am quite experienced in change management, I learned new aspects which will help me being more successful in the future. These aspects I have learned from the book ‘Who will do what by when’. A real eye opener for me, clarifying why a lot of projects/tasks fail in our world. It made me clear that managers should make crystal clear what they expect (not assume) and that we should focus more on our personal integrity as well: Do what you promised.” Raymond Nelissen, Corporate Controller, Group Control, region Americas at DLL

“Birgit has helped us as an organization focus on growth and better results to achieve our goals. As a non-profit leader I desire to be the best steward of the communities support. Who Will Do What by When? is a great guide for my leadership team to implement change and greater community impact.” Tim Marks,
President and CEO at Metropolitan Ministries

“I attended Birgit’s Accountability and Integrity Seminar in August where she introduced partipants to easy to understand integrity tools. My eyes were opened to areas I needed to improve to be a better manager. In particular, I walked away understanding that I couldn’t hold someone accountable for something that isn’t clear, nor for a request they did not accept. I received a copy of the book “Who will do what by when?” and one complimentary coaching session was included in the cost of the seminar. I couldn’t wait to go back to work to share and apply what I had learned. I was hooked and wanted more!
So I hired Birgit to coach me on a weekly basis for the next month, and she focused on specific performance issues I was trying to improve. I learned so much during that time including how to develop the capacity to stay open and relaxed in stressful situations. Consistently applying at work and home the fundamentals that Birgit taught me has made a huge difference and resulted in positive feedback from my supervisor!” Carla Anzalone, Manager

“Birgit and her company, Heads-Up Performance, Inc, represents one of the top five best decisions I made as the President of a company. Through her coaching I introduced several techniques that I still use today as the President of another company. There were Stand up meetings, Team Management Action Programs, I created a journal and we all read her book “Who Will do What by When”. This reduced friction with senior staff, made us much more productive and conservatively speaking made us at least $400K fall to the bottom-line. I have only been at my new company a short period of time, but I will bring Birgit in shortly to help improve our team work and increase our performance as a team. I give Birgit and Heads-Up Performance, Inc my highest recommendation.” Art S Milligan, Jr, President, Carroll Management Groupless

“We were looking for a retreat facilitator who could help us move further along on the continuum of working on our businesses instead of in our businesses. What we found so compelling about Birgit’s approach and the reason we selected her is that she believes owners know what to do but cannot/do not do it because certain things are standing in the way. She believes that by helping the leader gain clarity on what is in the way and providing tools to remove it (or work with it), the path will then be clear for the leader to move ahead…thus achieving the goal of working on the business. What occurred during our meeting was truly transformational. She had us perform exercises showing us how to break through roadblocks by thinking about situations differently. Her intuitive insight and questions about our thoughts/situations got right to the core and took our discussion to a much deeper level, a level we may never have achieved without her facilitation and personality. Prior to the retreat, we read her book Who Will Do What By When so we were speaking a common language. She was a pleasure to work with and a rare combination of business savvy, insight and warmth. I recommend her highly as a retreat facilitator.
Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener

“Birgit is one of the most insightful people I have had the privilege to meet and be coached by. She helped me identify my achilles heel as a leader and more importantly, shared tool and techniques I need to correct this handicap and help me become a strong CEO to my team. I immediately applied the techniques she taught me and have had the most meaningful and productive conversations with my senior management team I have ever had. Anna Walz, CEO, Medysis Health Communications

“I hired Birgit to enhance my leadership skills and if it wasn’t for her coaching, I would have given up. Instead I led a team who took this program
from a 500K budget to a multi-million dollar venture that is now duplicated nationally.” Carolina V., Director

“The results are really good…probably one of the best rated trainings we’ve had.” Vickie Molina, Children’s Board

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve gotten very good feedback from the Hansons’ book. Students are so used to reading textbooks that I think they were skeptical of this book at first. Yet, they have told me on several occasions, how much the book is complementing their class. We are using the Hansons’ book in my Capstone class (Mgmt Policy and Practice).” Scott Wysong, Ph.D., Academic Program Director, Sports & Entertainment MBA, University of Dallas

“I applaud you on your ability to communicate key leadership lessons in a simple, interesting and effective story. The single biggest take away for me was the reinforcement of the importance of “integrity” in terms of its role in enhancing personal performance, personal power and trust. Your message is not only relevant at home, in the office or on the playing field but in everyday life. I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat to teach a team on how to be a team. You certainly have the right stuff in building leadership and improving operational performance.” Chief of Staff to former NY Governor David Paterson.

“Great session!!! I loved the way you presented your Customer Service seminar. I believe it was something new to not just me but to some of my co-workers. I loved the movie – never seen it. At some point I felt that all of us were on the same page. I want to thank you for your hard work and apologize for not coming back on time from the five minutes break. Keep it up! You have been an asset to my life believe it or not.” Ada M. Fernandez, Donor Relations Associate, University Area Community Development Corporation, Inc.

“I just had to let you know that the book is truly wonderful. I’ve already quoted you and used the principles with some of my clients. I intend to give it to others to supplement the work I’m doing with them. While the principles aren’t new ones for me I love the way you have pulled it all together. Because it’s written simply, but with plenty of substance I can easily use it with a wide range of clients. I must admit, I have long felt I did a pretty good job of operating from a place of high integrity, and pretty consistently doing what I said I’d do when I said I’d do it, or renegotiating in advance of the deadline. Because of your book I am realizing areas where I’ve been slipping and since I believe in walking the talk it’s helping me to make important changes. An unexpected and wonderful bonus, since I was reading it to help my clients. Thank you. Congratulations on your book and I know you and Tom will continue to enjoy great success!” Donna Colombel, Coldon & Associates, Inc.

“One-on-one coaching with you is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life.” Cynthia Way, President, Way to Go, Inc.

“You were great! Thanks for your time and facilitating our event. The feedback from everyone was very positive. You have several new friends and followers from the Philadelphia area! I was reviewing my notes this morning and I have a lot of personal ah-ha’s and take-aways to work on.” Daniel Carpey, Philadelphia EO chapter member

Birgit, your lessons to my staff and me are invaluable, Thank you so much for spending time with us. You were outstanding! Here are some of the comments from the evaluation forms:
“Excellent sessions, made me realize how to better approach problem situations that arise.”
“Great Job, learned a lot about myself and my colleagues.”
“Loved the workshop and book. I’ll be recommending to others.”
“Birgit is so smart and energetic. It was refreshing to have someone outside the organization say and do things so powerfully in a short time. Also a relief to realize she could put her finger on the pulse of the organization and show us how to change for the better.”
“Sessions were good and interactive. I’ve taken great takeaways to apply to my everyday life.”
“Great sessions and tools received to reflect and coach individuals.”
“I enjoyed the class, the exercises and the instructor who was willing to share through real examples.”
“Thank you very much. This training is a paradigm shift from what our agency currently practices.”
“I appreciate our director providing input to my professional growth.”
“Thank you for sharing the Who Will Do What by When? principles with us. “
“Birgit, you were terrific and I learned many applicable techniques!”
“I think this was the beginning of a new culture among the supervisors and employees.”
“This was one of the best leadership/coaching trainings I have even been to.”
“Also had lots of fun.”
“Instructor was very engaging, various exercises were extremely eye opening and enlightening.”
“I love the concept. Would like more sessions to develop “muscle memory.”
Regional Director, Government, St. Louis

“The Co-Active coaching model Heads-Up Performance provides is outstanding and can benefit any organization. The approach addresses all aspects of a person’s life, which is crucial to performance enhancement. Birgit and Tom’s involvement in different areas of the organization greatly enhanced our levels of awareness and communication.” Mark Newman, Vice-President of Player Development, New York Yankees

“Your book is a gem that uses the simplicity and wisdom of a parable to teach the reader the true secret of success — acting with integrity. If more employees followed the wisdom in this little book, corporate life as we know it would be changed forever.” Cheryl Richardson, Author of the New York Times bestselling book “Take Time for Your Life”

“Your approach is direct and easy to follow. I learned more in my first session with you than I had reading all those self-help books for years.” Wayne Blockel, Executive Recruiting

“Your book is not just for CEO’s and managers. The simple tools can help us be more effective in all our relationships. It’s sort of Human Relationships 101.” Marc J. Tendler, Vice President, Resident Director, Merrill Lynch

“Before we started working with Tom and Birgit we were experiencing considerable inefficiency and tension amongst our staff. Since the “Who Will Do What By When” workshops and coaching we’re at a much higher level of performance – and my stress level is way down. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to upgrade their organization’s performance.” Julian Garcia, Director, University Area Community Development Complex, Tampa

Your class was extremely insightful, informative, and fun. I have gained useful tools and a support system that will help me move forward. I highly recommend your seminar and the personal follow-up coaching.
Laurie Scheer, Physical Therapist

“I’ve read tons of leadership books in my life and I’d rank this among the best. I can put that chart right in front of me and use it to guide me through any interpersonal challenges I have. And it’s not just a leadership book; as a leader you’d want your staff to read it, it will put you all in the same mindset.” John Otterness, CEO, Otterness Construction Company

“Our coaching session today was mind-blowing. It seems like it marked the birth of a brand new business for me—an opportunity I had not even seen before! My energy and enthusiasm is coming back in leaps and bounds.” Nancy Trowbridge – Consultant

“This book will be show cased along side other best sellers ‘One Minute Manager’ and ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ as a fulfilling read with a high-impact story. I was totally captivated by this powerful book.” Peggy McColl, Author of “On Being a Dog with a Bone”

“Your profound insights and practical suggestions have made me more aware and proactive in my relationships, career and daily life. I only wish I could have started working with you years before I did.” Melinda Shu Taylor – Writer

“We all know that there have been many books written about performance, communication and leading a positive life. This is one of the few that combines these important topics concisely and presents the lessons in an engaging and entertaining style. I’m excited to start improving how I interact and communicate with my teammates and my clients.” Mark Segel, CFP, Vice President/Commercial Lender, The Bank of Tampa

“I couldn’t put this book down! The integrity tools outlined in this book are not only a guide to good business; they apply to every aspect of your life as well. Your system makes it easy to understand, share and use. I have no doubt this will change the culture of organizations including mine!” Bill Fries, President, ATS Staffing

“I got a lot out of our coaching. You made me think about things in a new way and held me accountable each week. By sticking to the deadlines and goals we set I got a lot accomplished. Thank you so much.” Robin Surwilo, Psychologist.

“I found the book to be the best guide to being a good manager and a good person that I have come across. I am going request my group of managers read and share it with their supervisors.” Paul Ziegler, VP, Central Pinellas Market Manager, First National Bank

“This book is fantastic. After reading more than half of it before trying to go to sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about the basic team building principles Coach was teaching Jake so I got back up and finished the entire book. Great characters and easy and delightful reading.” Keith Guevara, CEO, NBO Systems, Inc.

“The book effectively illustrates how great business and personal goals can be achieved through integrity… an often overlooked element in today’s society.”
Bill Bardwell, CEO, Biometric Security Company

“Terrific! The book brings a new definition to the power integrity carries in the workplace. Something as seemingly harmless as being continuously late for meetings carries a big price in terms of how you are perceived in the office or at home and results in integrity depletion. The book offers a simple model for corrective action. I recommend it highly.” Bill Hearl, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Capital Genomix, Inc.

“This book communicates in a clear and precise manner how every leader can sustain, motivate, and inspire. I found the book a ‘must read’ for those wishing to get to and stay at the top.” Dr. Ben Lerner N.Y. Times best selling author of “Body By God”

“In addition to the invaluable team productivity principles it teaches, the book provides an example of the power of coaching. People considering hiring a coach get a taste of how coaching works and how huge the return on investment can be. It’s made a big difference in my life.” Tom Trexler, CEO, Corporate Finance Institute

“I am feeling more confident about myself and have been more assertive. I highly recommend you to anyone who feels a bit unorganized, overwhelmed and short on time!” Beth Powanda – Realtor

“Who Will Do What by When is a compelling story with a vitally important message. It’s a great personal reminder of the importance of following through and doing what you say you are going to do. It also highlights the importance of not making promises you can’t or don’t intend to keep.” Brian Cashman, General Manager, New York Yankees

“Birgit was an excellent speaker! I liked the connection from CARE to results. Excellent presenter. Very refreshing and “coachlike” approach, rather than the more typical “safe on the stage.” – Steve Silverman

“Our leadership team of about 35 meets monthly for what’s called an organization dialog.  In these half-day meetings we discuss our strategic focus, metrics, status of several organizational projects, and to celebrate accomplishments.  One item on the agenda each month is called The Big Picture.  We allow about an hour to discuss what’s happening outside the organization that could impact us, and to review anything internally that might influence how we’re performing.  We became aware of your book, and because we were looking for ways to enhance our rating around accountability from an employee survey, we decided to incorporate a monthly discussion around the concepts in the book, and make assignments to implement the ideas, then report back to the group what the results were.  Our monthly dialog was the perfect venue for this discussion, as opposed to creating a one-time ‘training’ program. The attached discussion guides will further illustrate how the process worked.
Since introducing this book here, many of the 35 leaders who attend the monthly Organization Dialogs have taken the discussion guides to their department dialogs to further expand the use of these tools in the organization.  I hear people talking about “Who Will Do What By When” in meetings, project discussions, training sessions, and in countless one-on-one conversations.  It has taken hold here, and we now have a common language and understanding around accountability and integrity.  It has been a fascinating transformation.
We’re not perfect – yet – but we have made progress, largely due to the impact this book has had on our leaders.   The story – told as sort of a fable – and not a dry discussion of a theoretical concept, draws the reader in right away, and the problems Jake faces are real and relevant.  I also believe that the way we approached getting the concepts operationalized by taking it in pieces, making assignments, then holding people accountable to report back – all incorporated the ideas in the book.  In essence, we taught the concepts of the book by having people live the concepts over a four-month period.”

–Kim Kelley, VP of Corporate Culture


For current book reviews go to http://www.amazon.com/Improve-Performance-Accountability-Trust-Integrity/product-reviews/0972419446/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

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