Who We Partner With

We partner with government agencies and private sector companies of all sizes.
Specifically, we partner with success-minded professionals and organizations to:

  • Strengthen leadership capabilities and help leaders enhance composure, coaching skills and commitment management to sustainable excellence
  • Build collaborative teams and work cultures that enable superior project execution in alignment with business strategy and shared goals
  • Increase sales through clear and powerful selling system and coaching
  • To navigate the often needed culture change from victimhood, lack of accountability and directive leadership to empowerment, personal responsibility and participative leadership
  • Empower individuals to fulfill on their potential and reach new levels of success in their life and business

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“Performance is about people.  Specifically about the relationships and conversational practices people 
have.  When conversations are missing or ineffective, the results are limited.  Our aim at Heads-Up Performance is to help you produce the results you really care about by coaching you and high potential leaders in your organization to have the right conversations with the right people at the right time.  Keep in mind we all have blindspots.  If we could see our own limitations, we would already have done something about them. ”

Birgit Zacher Hanson, Master Certified Coach, President of Heads-Up Performance.